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Mysterious feathers, as well as the odd items, which you end up being rune darts. There are 11 of OSRS gold them, you can keep them or discard them, it does not matter. Nickolaus will cite they had been sticking from the ground at an odd angle, as if they were thrown from above. Additionally, the blood stains indicate that the hunter, who must have been really far away, hit his goal. Head back into the mountain with all the eagles inside.

Close to the eagle that you snuck past, there will be a few rocks, which you need to climb. For this you will need climbing boots and a rope. This will set you above the eagles. There is a high cliff just north of you, grapple up with a mithril grapple hook. This will put you in a place with several aviansies! Apparently, they're not all dead. On seeing you, they will order you to depart, or even. Unless, that is, you're wearing an Armadyl item.

You can blow your bank account open becoming some Armadyl ranger armor, or you could simply get a pendant by speaking to or killing a protector of Armadyl from the temple of Ikov. Or you may use these feathers you just got with a few silk, a needle, and thread, to create some Armadyl gloves. These provide a ranged boost and rely as Armadyl armor. While wearing one, speak into the aviansies, and they'll welcome you as a fellow follower of Armadyl, and request your help. You'll be told of a large island north of the wilderness with a tower on it. You will then be given a mission, depending on whose side you chose during Temple of Ikov.

Guardians Side: Go to the island by constructing a small boat close to the pirates at the wilderness. At certain points around the tower, use charcoal using papyrus to acquire a sketch. Bring 5 sketches into the aviansies.

Lucien's Side: visit the island with the aforementioned method or by talking to Lucien in Ardougne. If you speak to Lucien, make certain to guarantee him you're a Zamorakian. Once there, make your way to the tower. Kill the lvl 124 Demon Guard, or just wear your old pendant of Lucien and cheap RuneScape gold walk right in. There will be a mystery lock vault door indoors. When you solve it, wlak from the vault.