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Head into Ardougne, and you'll observe some paladins fighting with elf warriors. Head to the castle and you also see a scene with King Lathas telling the council that they must grant him emergency authority OSRS Accounts, so he can direct Ardougne through this particular hour. Such authority would allow him complete command of the militia, in addition to authority to use Wizard Cromptery's new invention. Cromptery isn't sure, but is going to vote to give King Lathas's request.

You appear and tell them the truth about King Lathas, but the council doesn't believe you at first. King Lathas accuses you of treason, but Elena from Biohazard appears and backs up you. She pulls her out samples out of Biohazard and tells the Council which King Lathas has been caging upward West Ardougne for no reason. Several rebel elves, for example Eluned, look now and ask Wizard Cromptery to inspect the charm that King Lathas had placed in his new creation.

Lathas fails, therefore Cromptery Telegrabs it and discovers that there's a powerfully dark resurrection spell inside it. Beat him and he'll surrender. Since you drag him away, he reveals that he was playing possum and telegrabs Cromptery's invention and casts the revival spell to summon a man you only though you murdered: Iban, dun dun duuunn. This time, they're far more powerful, and may use a range attack in addition to melee. Iban himself uses Iban Blast along with a melee attack. The demons disperse throughout Ardougne to attack it, while Iban copes with you. He's level 189. Eluned will fight also, but her attacks are feeble. She'll throw a few healing spells on you every now and then, though.

When Iban's health falls into half, he will go out to the city and summon a bunch of skeletons, including the skeleton of a dragon. Iban's demons will appear for you and begin attacking. Once they are dead, then there are Iban from town randomly. Fight through skeletons, zombies, and a skeletal monster, till you locate him and keep the battle Cheap OSRS Gold. During all this, the Tyras soldiers will be fighting with anything that might be a nuissance for youpersonally, but this remains tough.