Okay now let's make this Guild a little more interesting

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HOW TO RS gold IMPROVE: Okay now let's make this Guild a little more interesting. Let's make a little addition. Imagine if you can kill the zombies and they have a little chance of dropping Wizard Gloves. They drop both colors, blue and black. The Wizard Gloves will allow you to complete the set of full Wizard. So now the collection includes...

Next is that the Crafting Guild. The Crafting Guild offers you Silver Rocks, Gold Rocks, Clay Rocks, free molds, chisels, hammers, a jug, a spinning wheel, and a tanner. Pretty nice. HOW TO IMPROVE: Imagine if the Master Crafter had tasks that can be given out to individuals for Crafting Experience. A task can only be given once every seven days. Here is a table that shows the probable tasks.

The Master Crafter is needing Unblessed Symbols for the Monks in the Monastery. Would you help him create twenty Unblessed Symbols? The Tanner requires fifty cowhides for an arrangement that must be complete as soon as possible. He can not leave because he's to busy tanning hides for people. 5,000 Crafting Experience.

The Mining Guild. Now for the Mining Guild. Here you'll find a lot of Coal Rocks and five Mithril Rocks. Sound interesting? I don't think so. As it's the Mining Guild, should their be over just two types of stone. The Al Kharid Mine would even be much better Mining Guild due to the huge variety of stones.

HOW TO OSRS Quest Service IMPROVE: The Mining Guild should have some Iron Rocks and at least four or five more Mithril Rocks. It just seem to make sense if their are like thirty Coal Rocks and 2 Mithril Rocks.