Cleaning Of Furniture From Rattan Wicker Furniture Suppliers

Portable Folding Gazebo can turn your terrace into an outdoor entertainment center, very suitable for holding garden parties and private leisure venues.


Portable Folding Gazebo can turn your terrace into an outdoor entertainment center, very suitable for holding garden parties and private leisure venues. Although these works are designed to withstand the scorching sun and downpour, harsh outdoor factors may damage the furniture.

There are many reasons why your outdoor furniture needs protection, especially in summer. Learn how to take care of your outdoor furniture to protect it from bad weather and time wear. Proper storage, monthly on-site cleaning and annual deep cleaning can keep your furniture in use for many years.

Learn how to clean plastic, wicker, metal, wood, teak and fabric furniture below.

How to clean outdoor furniture
How to clean the furniture depends on its material. Unless instructed by the furniture manufacturer, never forcefully clean outdoor furniture or use corrosive cleaning agents such as bleach. Whenever you use a new solution, test it on an invisible piece of furniture before using it on the entire piece of furniture.

Keep your outdoor furniture in good condition and lightly clean it at least once a month, even if it does not seem to need it. This is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth or dusting with a soft-bristled broom. If you see bird droppings, tree sap, or stains starting to form, clean the area immediately. If it is not cleaned immediately, bird droppings may be corrosive and cause damage.

Plastic furniture
Rinse the furniture with a hose to wash off the first layer of dirt.
Mix ¼ cup of mild dishwashing liquid or mild detergent in a gallon of warm water.
Use a soft brush or sponge to scrub the furniture.
Rinse it well, and then put the furniture in a sunny place in the yard to dry.
Wicker and synthetic wicker furniture
Before you start cleaning wicker furniture, check whether it is natural or synthetic. Natural wicker will shatter over time, so be careful when washing it. Only clean the real wicker twice a year to prevent material chipping and weakening of the glued joints.

How to clean authentic wicker furniture:

Mix a few drops of mild soap in a gallon of water.
Only use enough solution to moisten a soft cloth and gently scrub the furniture.
Rinse thoroughly with a slight mist spray in the hose.
Dry the wicker immediately with a soft towel.
How to clean synthetic or resin wicker furniture:

Synthetic wicker (also called resin wicker) is much stronger than real wicker. With anti-ultraviolet and weather-resistant coating, it will not crack or fade over time. Just flush the furniture with a hose. If your furniture is very dirty, use a mixture of mild soap and cold water to scrub the furniture. Dry thoroughly with a towel.

Metal furniture
In most cases, metal furniture is made of iron, steel or aluminum. Because steel rusts, most metal furniture has an anti-rust coating. But bird droppings will still damage the protective layer of the furniture. Rinse it off immediately after seeing the stool. After cleaning with a mild soap solution, you can use navy jelly or paste wax to protect it from corrosion and rust.

If your furniture is rusty or moldy, Rattan Wicker Furniture suppliers recommend using fine sandpaper to remove it from the furniture. Wipe it clean with soap solution. If necessary, apply a refinish paint in multiple thin coats. Give the paint time to dry between each layer.