Limited items for June are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Animal Crossing: The hottest item in New Horizons right now is probably the Gloucester cheese that originated from the Cooper Mountain Cheese Rolling and Wake-up event. You can buy it with 1200bells. This is one of the main points players need to be busy with during the last week of May. At the same time, you can look forward to June.

The same new activities, new themes, and new items are coming soon. Only this time there will be 17 limited editions of seasonal new items. Players need to prepare enough time for Animal Crossing Bells. Use them to host a special wedding event!

The Bride event in June will last for a month, but players can unlock and design a lot of items, such as wedding bells, ring pillows, flower baskets, and even door panels. Items have color variants. Although players cannot customize them, they can go to the store to purchase the required variants.

Nuptial bell will probably become the most attractive item for players. It is exquisite, peculiar, and colorful. Players who want to create a wedding theme island will not miss using it.

Able sisters have also prepared brand new wedding costumes for the players. This item will make the whole island's wedding theme activities harmonious and natural. Unfortunately, players need to use them for a limited time.

In addition to the Bride event, the Father's Day event will continue for one month. A cup named Thank You Dad will be a reward. Players should work hard for this. As for the items, the only thing worth mentioning is the cool apron. It is an item that players can customize. There are 5 colors to choose from, such as blue and red.

The June event will be a week later, maybe you are still worrying about cheese. Buy ACNH Bells will make everything go smoothly for you. You can also prepare for the activities and items in June. Let us look forward to the amazing creative island designs in June!