Path of Exile can be a bit complicated sometimes

Path of Exile can sometimes be a bit complicated.


The new skills in Ultimatum are really great. They are all related to blood, such as Exsanguinate or the new petrified defense layer. Reap looked terrible, and was able to attack enemies with corrupted blood through the Corrupted Fever skill. After suffering many people who died of corrupted blood in the past, it felt absolutely vicious. The main attraction of Path of Exile has always been to find and use the interaction between weird and weird items and skills, and this has not changed. Note that if you don’t fully understand many of the mechanics in Path of Exile, the next paragraph will be meaningless.

My main character, this alliance uses Facebreakers, so there are no weapons. But actually the interesting interaction comes from the new shield introduced by this alliance, called Mahuxotl's machining. This adds six cornerstones to my character. These cornerstones are confused with energy shields and water of life, and require multiple paragraphs to truly explain. The biggest factor was that half of the elemental damage I received became chaotic damage. In Path of Exile, it often takes a long time to get more POE Currency. As a professional seller, POECurrency will enable players to quickly obtain POE Currency.

Yes, the Path of Exile can sometimes be a bit complicated. I found myself losing interest in promoting maps that were difficult to maintain in the face of calm mechanics and dubious design changes. I will continue to play, and may encounter about 15 or 16 league challenges before I quit, and then maybe put some POE Currency into the meme layer construction.

Ultimatum changes with actual changes, but the alliance mechanism is solid, and the Trialmaster character can easily become one of the best characters since Einhar, even if his boss battle is frustratingly locked by RNG. Want to learn more about Path of Exile? Welcome to POECurrency, you can also buy POE Items there!

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