Understand The Performance Of OEM Aluminum Enclosure

There are many large and small OEM Aluminum Enclosure products around us.


There are many large and small OEM Aluminum Enclosure products around us. OEM aluminum enclosures are mainly based on mid-surface stress that is evenly distributed along with the thickness. There are many applications for OEM aluminum enclosures, including mobile phone cases and TV sets.

At present, compared with iron shells, aluminum shells are lighter in weight, have better thermal conductivity, can be die-cast, have better plastic properties, have higher elongation than iron, higher prices, and lower hardness. They are very suitable for making shells.

Many power supply aluminum shells are generally made of plastic and rubber, which can play a role in insulation. At the same time, the quality of the shell is also related to the life safety of consumers. A good quality shell can be well insulated and waterproof. The poor quality casing will not only affect the normal use of the machine but also endanger the lives of consumers, so which power supply casing should be chosen to be safer? The answer must be a casing made of high-quality and guaranteed materials.

The Die casting manufacturer chooses aluminum to make the shell, which is also related to the performance of aluminum.