World of Warcraft: Why Fire Mage Not Suitable for Leveling

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The WOW version of Fire Mage is not unable to output, but the fault tolerance rate is reduced, and it also improves the support of teammates for Fire Mage. For example, bwl, the double shield of ice method has been interrupted, not to mention Fire Mage, even if it knocks on the fire, it will top 3 times. This is a disguised compression of one's own survival and output space. It can be, but it is really unnecessary. If you really like Fire Mage, you can go to the battlefield. Fire Mage pve is suitable for equipment, and it also requires long-term and stable treatment teammates. I hope that novice masters will not try the current Fire Mage pve lightly even if you have enough wow classic gold.

Fire Mage equipment configuration

Fire Mage equipment, equipment, etc. 472, 3 impact master, and 3 level essence, panel attribute crit 31 haste 23 proficiency 41 (2 level 3 proficiency, 2 level proficiency 6) Almighty 6, not stuck in the wood pile 8 A scorching fire, 12W when it ignites the highest. The burst damage in an explosion period is a little more than 400W, sometimes the trigger state is 430-450, and the hand stuck is 370-380. Here comes the problem, the next dungeon H Ny'alotha, the Great Rift 10-15, the entire second damage is only a little more than 30,000 (the dungeon of the Great Rift is basically the first time to download the dungeon)

There is no specific. In actual combat, if you count less than two points of arcane subtlety, you will lose a lot of dps, but a gap has been found in the group application of the two talent points. One is that if you don’t use Arcane at 2 o’clock, the fire system does not produce combustion, and the ice system comes out of the refrigerator. The actual dps is similar to the talent of Deep Ice or Wanjin Oil, with little improvement. The second is arcane 2 points and burning points. Don't use the refrigerator to save your life. DPS can compete with Ao Bing, and it won't die if you move and pay attention to it.

Pyroblast is the main output skill of Fire Mage

Pyroblast is the main output skill of Fire Mage. It should be released in an instant without interruption, instead of having time to read and play. The bonus dot should be theoretically unbreakable. This is true for any Fire Mage. If you don’t hit an instantaneous explosion within 6 seconds, it means that you have connected several fireballs without exploding. During the burning period, the fire explodes one after another. This dot is not superimposed when it is ignited, but will be refreshed by itself. Therefore, the increased damage per second is simply the total dot damage divided by 6, and the technique will not make this dot accounted for much. Variety.

Because from classic to 6.0, Pyroblast has always had its own dot. The total damage of previous Yanbang dots was higher than that of Yanbang itself, but it was done in 18 seconds. Converted into the actual increase in damage per second is the same, but you are required to hit the instantaneous explosion more frequently. Once again, Pyroblast is a skill that has been used all the time, not "use only when there is time" nor "one in 6 seconds". And going back in time is also the skill that mop started to the end of 6.0, and 7.0 was removed.

Fire Mage is not suitable for leveling

Fire Mage is not played at leveling. It is a waste of time. Fire Mage is played only after the equipment graduates. The crit rate goes up and triggers a large number of instantaneous explosions before it can be played. For Fire Mage leveling, the core is the flame starter, but there are too many people robbing monsters in the wild, and if you want to hit the starter, there is no time for the flame. Why is it recommended to upgrade the flame talent before 30? Because there is a talent of 70 to resist repelling the reading bar. Before the ice method is out of the shield, it will be repelled by various kinds of repelled reading bars. It is recommended to upgrade the ice hits and the Austrian resistance reduction, then click the snowstorm deceleration and enhanced deceleration, go to the refrigerator and reset, and then use the Austrian energy saving and blue back, so that you can enjoy the AA upgrade.

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