Harvard University

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Harvard University is the oldest and most famous university in the United States, founded in 1636. The most famous landmark of the university is the statue of John Harvard, the college's first patron, standing in front of the University Hall in Harvard. Yard. This Ivy League University has a 375 year history not only in the United States but around the world. In addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, there are 12 graduate colleges at Harvard. Since its founding in the mid-1600s, the university has expanded from nine postgraduate students to 20,000-degree applicants, including undergraduate, graduate, and technical students.


Home Services
Harvard University Housing (HUH) offers a wide variety of housing and real estate services to graduate students, staff and workers.

Non-Harvard Housing:
Information on private sector rentals, hotels and other options.

Harvard University Housing Subdivisions:
Harvard University Housing (HUH) does not explicitly offer short-term housing. However, we allow qualified Harvard subsidiaries to be provided to our residents.

Accommodation for spouses, spouses and children is available for graduate students with stressful schedules.

Library services
The Harvard University Library produces 20.4 million volumes, 180,000 series of titles, an estimated 400 million manuscripts, 10 million photographs, 124 million archived web pages and 5.4 terabytes of digital archives and manuscripts. Nearly 800 library staff work in more than 70 different library units to provide access to this vast collection.

ICT Services
In a distributed computer system, ICF provides free educational computer and data processing tools. A wide range of applications, including Microsoft Office, PC-SAS, STATA, Smltree, Login, S-Plus, ArcView, Endnote and anti-virus software, are available on 150 Dell PCs connected to the Novell network.

Medical service
The emergency room is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide counseling and care for severe physical and emotional health conditions that require immediate attention but are not life threatening.

Sports facilities
Only students, faculty, staff and alumni can attend the recreation center (and their eligible family members). Malkin Athletic Center, Blodgett Pool, Hemenway Gymnasium, QRAC and Murr Center Fitness Room are available to members.

Students Club
Harvard students are involved on and off campus, with more than 400 official student groups offering courses, co-curricular and athletic opportunities in addition to education. Playing on the field at Harvard Stadium or promoting The Harvard Crimson, volunteering with organizations such as PBHA, developing entrepreneurial activities at the Harvard Innovation Lab, writing or editing at The Harvard Crimson or The Harvard Lampoon, or continuing to study at Harvard Are busy!