After knowing all these amazing things

In fact, Ladakh is one of the highest places in the world, situated at 5000m approx. above the sea level.



In fact, Ladakh is one of the highest places in the world, situated at 5000m approx. above the sea level. The climate is extremely cold and the view of barren mountains covered with crystal clear snow, rivers flowing out of the valleys, colorful prayer flags, and prismatic monasteries that are completely mesmerizing.

After knowing all these amazing things, who wouldn’t feel like packing their bags and kick-start their journey to the hills with their helmets on?

The very first thought that arises is how to turn this plan into reality? How to plan for it?

Basically, there are two ways to reach Ladakh. One is by road via Manali and the other one is by air from Delhi to Srinagar. But, what makes a road trip different from any other way of traveling.

The opportunity to enjoy the serene beauty all the way to the destination will be enough for you to be convinced and choose a bike trip over air travel. So, if you want to experience a road journey at its best, then there is no better option than a Ladakh bike trip.

It is a region of world’s highest motorable road and best adventure travel destination for bikers. There are a number of travel companies which organize extreme motorbike tours to Leh-Ladakh. The main aspects to take care of on a bike trip include:

Selecting a right bike: Choosing a bike is the most important aspect for a bike trip, as you need to feel comfortable on the journey. For this, Royal Enfield can be a good choice.


Proper maintenance of bike: The bumpy ride of the rough and cold roads of Leh-Ladakh valley can cause a lot of bike wear and tear. If you want to avoid any repairs on your bike at one of the highest places in the world, then you must check the service history of the selected bike before starting your journey.


Carry all the required stuff: As you know, the weather can be moody at any time, You need to carry the stuff for every possible condition that might come face to face while you are on your Leh-Ladakh bike trip. These include woolen clothes, sunglasses, gloves, gumboots, and the most important – a first- aid kit. Prepare at least two bags with equal weight to maintain the balance of bike properly.


Important documents: During Leh bike trip ride you can come across some of the highest passes in the world such concrete vibrator shaft Suppliers as Fatula Pass, Changle pass, Khardung La pass. These areas are safeguarded by Indian Military, that’s why you must keep your identification, bike registration, and other important documents like your passport, Your travel organizer must ensure that you carry the needed papers for the journey.

All in all, it’s wonderful to discover the place by yourself than hearing about it from others. A beautiful destination is waiting for you. Begin your exploration of Leh-Ladakh at the earliest.