There are a lot of committed WoTLK Classic players

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While many hardcore official modes such as World of Warcraft's, end in permadeath. WoTLK Gold Soul of Iron system simply makes players lose their buffs and receive a debuff , which reduces the stats of all characters by one percent. The debuff is able to be removed, however the character who has been killed will never get this Soul of Iron buff. The aim is to determine the extent to which players can play without losing their lives, and the additional risk of dying , which can lead to a more intensive gameplay experience.

Although the game doesn't officially support it, some players are using this Soul of Iron system one step further, vowing to erase or not play their character ever again in the event of their death. Other rules for hardcore mode include the inability to utilize the game's auction house, not being able to group beyond raids or dungeons (and only with other players who are hardcore) and there are no self-resurrecting abilities.

A lot of hardcore players participating in Season of Mastery are using the Classic Hardcore add-on to help with their endeavor. The add-on is able to block messages from other players or from auction houses and provides notification in the event that other players fail in their endeavor. The add-on also has anti-cheat technology to ensure that hardcore players are adhering to the rules. It also uploads the runs to the leaderboard.

There are a lot of committed buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold players are familiar with the game by the palm of their hands playing a character that is hardcore can help keep the game fun and provide a bit of extra difficulty. Many of the hardcore players in Season of Mastery are looking to go the distance with their characters , participating in a community event dubbed "Road towards Ragnaros." The aim is to get players to a maximum level of 60, then upgrade and try to take on Ragnaros as the final boss of the first raid, and not die a single time.