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So now, the number of suggestions and objections looks smaller. However, the members of the panel have not yet been appointed.". The planning committee is led panel light to consist of seven members, including three from the standing committee and four appointed by the state government.The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC’s) general body has still not declared the members of the panel that will review citizens’ suggestions for and objections to the draft Development Plan 2034 (DP), even though it met on Thursday.


A group leaders’ meeting conducted last week decided that the panel would have to complete its work by October 28. All eyes are now set on the general body’s meeting on Friday, since declaring the names of the panel members would allow the BMC to finally include the reviewed suggestions in the final DP and send it to the state government. Pankaj Joshi, the executive director of Urban Planning and Research Institute (UDRI), said, "In order to make it seem as if this DP is more acceptable to the public than the earlier DP that was scrapped, the BMC has clubbed several suggestions together. Meanwhile, this process may have run into further trouble, as an RTI application filed by a city-based urban planning organisation has revealed that the BMC has clubbed several suggestions and objections together to compress the number. This time, the number is larger, but the civic body wants to make it seem as if the revised DP is more acceptable to Mumbaikars since seemingly fewer responses have been received. Mr Joshi said, "The earlier scrapped DP had received 65,000 responses."


The civic body had earlier declared that it has received 12,650 responses. Mr Joshi has demanded that the civic body give a hearing to every response, instead of clubbing several as one, and then reviewing a single suggestion. After hearing the citizens’ responses, this committee is going to prepare a final report and submit it to the general body, which has 60 days to clear the report. However, information received from an RTI filed by UDRI revealed that the BMC received more than 84,000 public suggestions and objections in two months