Madden 23 MUT Challenges - How To Unlock Bonus

Early Access for Madden 23 is now available, featuring some exclusive time-limited MUT challenges.


Early Access for Madden 23 is now available, featuring some exclusive time-limited MUT challenges.

Madden 23 is already available to EA Play subscribers, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and anyone who pre-ordered the All-Madden Edition. We recommend that you don't miss the limited-time Madden Ultimate Team(MUT) challenge. They will disappear when the game officially launches on August 19. If you're hesitant to pre-order the game or if you're just waiting to get home and load up the EA Play trial, here's what you need to know about the Madden 23 Early Access MUT Challenge.

Anyone with a subscription to EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can play for up to 10 hours between now and the game's launch on August 19. The All-Madden Edition is no time-limited,  if you belong to any of these three groups, you can take part in 10 exclusive challenges that no one else can get.The challenges are very simple and are mainly meant to motivate you as you start another year of MUT competitions. If you're a MUT player of the year, these challenges may seem familiar, but if you're new to Madden -- or just starting to play it -- here's what to expect from the 10 in-game challenges.

You can earn up to 400 Madden 23 Coins per challenge, depending on how many stars you earn. After defeating a challenge, you can choose one of two difficulties for one or two stars, then chase another pair of optional challenges to maximize the stars you earn.

Get 23 yards on the drive. Bonus goals include completing and sprinting for at least 10 yards in no more than five games Touchdowns. Bonus goals include making it a passing touchdown and getting 5+ rushing yards.

Passing touchdowns are not allowed. Bonus goals include not allowing any touchdowns at all and not allowing more than 23 yards rushing. Acquire more than 23 passing yards in six or fewer games. Bonus goals include getting the required yardage in four or fewer plays and completing the pass on two separate plays. Get 3+ points on the drive. Bonus goals include passing over 23 yards and rushing over 10 yards. Get your first drop and score on the same drive. Bonus goals include 5+ yards and a total 5+ yard sprint on your first match.

Sprint for a touchdown. Bonus goals include rushing for more than 23 yards in six or fewer games and getting two or more first downs. No touchdowns allowed. Bonus goals include not allowing more than 23 yards and not allowing any passing yards in the first play. Touchdowns. Bonus goals include passing for more than 60 yards
in total and passing for more than 20 yards in three games. win the game. Bonus goals include scoring 7 or more points and not allowing the opponent to score a touchdown.

After completing all of these challenges, you'll earn up to MUT 23 Coins - not a lot for your quest for an entire season in MUT, but it will at least help you quickly replace one of the sorry receivers you used at the start of the game .

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