Which websites are good to make authority?

Websites like this that are mentioned below are very good for Maintaining and making links over the course.


People are spending increasing amounts of time online. Find out more here and discover the top 8 reasons people are visiting websites these days.

They were particularly concerned with mobile devices and listed the following incidents:

  • I-want-to-know moments. This can include search results of news items, general information and the best way to return an item that you purchased online, and so on.
  • I-want-to-go moments. These are searches that are specific to a location in the event that a user needs to locate something close by.
  • I-want-to-do moments. This could be searches on solutions to your dishwasher, or how to grow tomatoes, or a new dinner recipe and more.
  • I-want-to-buy moments. This could refer to reading reviews, or looking for details on purchasing things large or small.

Additionally, they identified 6 need-states, which the Search Engine Journal's Roger Monti wrote about in more detail this the year. Search Engine Journal: Six Need State Shape the way we search.

These states are intended to define the ways the needs of consumers influence search behaviour and can be described as they are:

  • Surprise Me.
  • Help Me.
  • Reassure Me.
  • Learn Me.
  • I'm impressed.
  • I Thrill Me.

Avinash Kaushik has also written what he described as"the "See-Think Do" model.

This was created to assist marketers to do better at giving the customers they want Examples of these segments can be found in the below image:


Chris Hart's SEJ article, See, Think Do Care: A New Method of Communicating the SEO Strategy The article discusses this framework in depth.

These three perspectives at the way humans communicate with each other on the web reduce our motives as consumers and creators.

Then why do people visit websites today?

1. We'd like to learn more

In recent times, a lot of students from the U.S. have had to learn online since their schools were closed due to COVID-19. A lot of them were already at home learning online.

Colleges have taken their classes away from the classrooms and transferred them onto Zoom.

SEO professionals held what could be in-person meetings on the internet.

I'm sure all of us, at some point or another taken the decision to dive into a subject we had no information about, and searched the internet for relevant information to benefit ourselves.

It is possible that we are watching an episode on Hulu and not know what the term "reference" means then we go to Google and then read about the show.

We might want to know more about the process of political decision-making COVID-19 or Victorian England. The internet allows us to learn and grow at our own speed.

2. We'd like to buy

Due to the lockdowns triggered by COVID-19, the internet became the main way to purchase goods and services.

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The first time I began to purchase groceries online and then have them delivered.

I've always enjoyed doing a lot of shopping online, but I started thinking about the things I normally purchase in person and determine what I can do to purchase them on the internet.

I even bought chicks for my baby on the internet.

Many people use spending money to ease their stress when they're feeling stressed. Sometimes, they have to make a last-minute gift to a person on their birthday.

There are times when we're asked to donate money to a charity instead of flowers for funerals. You can buy nearly everything online today.

3. We're Looking to be Entertaining

This is my main motive for using the internet in addition to what I do as a job.

I'd like to sit down and watch a film, or music video, or a television show. It helps me forget about the stress that is in the world.

What could have been live events in person are now online.

Virtual concerts, plays that are virtual online festivals, virtual concerts, etc. Films that could have been shown in theaters were released on the internet instead.

The best part about internet-based entertainment is that it allows you to access it anytime and with a few exceptions that are, of course.

If you're looking to binge watch Justified in the morning at 11:15 a.m. on Wednesday, you are able to do it. If you're in the car, before you go to the dental chair, you could jump onto YouTube.

The internet has never been more convenient and easy to access.

4. We're in need of information

We should look at the map to take our children to pick them up at a house of a relative.

We'd like to know if the favorite pizza spot is still open until 10 p.m.

We're interested in knowing what's transpired around the globe over the past one hour.

It is interesting to note that Google's I-want-to-know-thing provide the top three queries as being general knowledge, food , grocery shopping.

Do you remember the days when you were required the option of asking someone questions or search at a book?

We've always required a lot of effort to find information, but not on the internet. Today, information is available in a matter of seconds.

5. We'd like to be inspired

We've been working to make the most of the front of our house more frequently, and I've looked up a ton of options of Victorian entrance porches.

If I'm having trouble keeping my focus, I'll spend an hour or so searching for recipes that I can test.

Friends of artists and writers say that they are constantly seeking inspiration on the internet.

For content creation and creation, something that we are all involved in Finding an inspiration (and the data) is an absolute requirement.

There's plenty to motivate you offline, but the inspiration online is endless. While I'm writing this, I'm consuming articles on how to find inspiration!

6. We'd Like to Stay in Touch and Keep You Informed

We'd like to remain connected not just with our friends and family, but also with those who we don't have a connection with - with groups, with communities and news, as well as the world at large.

Due to the travel and lockdown restrictions the majority of people have been forced to stay in touch with their family members on a on a virtual basis.

Zoom the most popular video-conferencing service, has recently saw its revenue rise 169 percent due to the pandemic-driven necessity to bring communications online.

7. We want to feel connected

Although I'd like to go off of Facebook however, it's still the sole way I keep in touch with relatives and friends.

I utilize Twitter to stay connected with my field. Social media is fantastic to connect people, but it comes with its drawbacks.

There's a fantastic Facebook group that I'm part of where people share photos of their front door to allow everyone to observe their surroundings.

It's been an extremely satisfying experience to observe what others see every day. It's also an excellent way to speak to someone from New Zealand or Kenya.

I've also made some wonderful new acquaintances in an online music forum on Facebook.

We're located across the globe, but have one thing that we share (we like goth! ) It's great to connect and check out what's popular with everyone.

8. We're Bored

I'm not often bored, however there are occasions that nothing is going on and I just browse the internet.

I'll search for every single thing I can think of. I'm certain that endless hours are spent online as people get bored and our tablets, phones and laptops are always available.

There's even an website that is just for bored people!

(and probably the last (and Most likely the last )...

Clicked on the link as it had a text that was informative and appealing, and the hyperlink was so in line with the text that we were sure there was no other option other than to click.

(OK it's my goal as an Link builder... however, it's not always my actual reality.)

The Takeaway




As an SEO, what is this important?

We often think of keywords in terms of research, content promotion and optimizing for better positions.

We're looking to make sites more accessible and faster.

It's a good idea to step back and think about the reasons the reasons people go to websites.