NBA 2K23 Announces Playoffs Schedule

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Despite the latest 2k23 mt additions, 2K Games has its task to complete with the latest problems with rewards not getting received and the marketplace crashing. At present, players report that when they buy an item from the Auctions section, their in-game currency is removed from their account but it will not show up at all in their accounts.

2K Games addressed the issue regarding the Zero Gravity agenda rewards and has confirmed that they are accessible via the Unopened Packs section. Time will tell whether the Auctions section gets the attention it needs. Although NBA 2K23 Season 6 features plenty of content that players can take advantage of, it's currently being delayed by numerous issues that make it tough for players to remain invested.

NBA 2K23 Announces Playoffs Schedule, New Easter Locker Code

As the NBA Playoffs underway, 2K Games reveals the new Playoffs agenda to NBA 2K23, rewarding players with brand new Dark Matter and Pink Diamond units. The NBA Playoffs starting on April 18th, NBA 2K23 unveils its most recent featured Agenda.

That's a sign of the start of the postseason for the league. Playoffs Agenda: Playoffs Agenda hits the game one week after Season 6: Zero Gravity Agenda was released, providing players a daily level-up player that they can challenge for.

The latest Agenda encourages players to participate part in the Play-In's Lifetime Agenda Group for the chance to earn mt 2k23 excellent rewards, including three units of Dark Matter plus three Pink Diamond units. Within NBA 2K23, items acquired can be used to enhance clubs used in MyTeam to take on more challenging tasks for more rewards.