It is also possible to complete The game

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2 - 10% higher OSRS gold probability of pickingpocketing in Ardougne (even if the cloak isn't equipped)

3 - 10% greater chance of surviving when pickingpocketing around Gielinor (even in the event that the cloak doesn't have)

Dodgy Necklace

When worn, the necklace has an increase of 25% to keep the player from being stunned and damaged while pickingpocketing NPCs. The necklace starts with 10 charges; one charge is consumed each time the necklace is successful in preventing the damage.

Gloves of Silence

The Gloves of Silence cut down your chances of getting injured while pickpocketing by 5%. They eventually break after 62 failed pickpockets. To wear the silence gloves, players must be at a minimum level 54 Hunter. It is important to note that these gloves don't take on the effect of The Ardougne Cloak(2) (2) or (3) and (3), which means they can only be used before the cloak is obtained.

Beginning to Get Started

Level 1 - 5: Pickpocketing Men

In the beginning, the only way to go is to rob men or women around OSRS. When you reach level 5. head to Ardougne. The acquisition of 5 stolen items of pickpocketing female and male requires the number of successful pickpockets to 49.

It is also possible to complete The game Fight Arena for 2.175 experience and brings you up to level 14 if starting from 1.

Levels 5-20/25: Cake Stalls

The next step is cheap RuneScape gold to steal from Cake Stalls in Ardougne, and each successful robbery will yield 16XP. You'll require 4.082 Experimentation Points, which requires at least 256 stolen cakes in order to get to Level 20. That's 7.454 XP that is 466 cakes for Level 25.