The Lost Ark: SURGE Deathblade Build and an Detailed Guide to Playing It by a Korean Deathblade Main at

However, the high level of expertise and challenge required is a drawback. For instance, in accordance with the boss mode, it is able to adapt to 14 on 20 stacks, making it a natural counter attack chaser.


However, the high level of expertise and challenge required is a drawback. For instance, in accordance with the boss mode, it is able to adapt to 14 on 20 stacks, making it a natural counter attack chaser. Additionally, it does not cause your surge to cause you to want to quit the game, so now I want to talk about my carving very quickly, so I run a 5x3 plus a setting and its resentment sharp blond curse doll master ambush surge after an adrenaline. However, in order to cater to Na players, I just want to describeTherefore, for a 3x3, I will run three garages, three ambush masters, two adrenaline critical hit rates, and a surge. For four times three, I will run grudge, adrenaline, surge, and ambush masters, and then I will make a 5x3, which will serve you well for a considerable amount of time. I am going to play Grudge 3, curse all three Ambush Masters 3, surge 3, and adrenaline 3, and I am going to run them. Because this may be the most fundamental ability that contributes to your DPS, I believe that it is very important to focus on developing this ability first and foremost. The second thing I do is operate the dark axis.

I utilize the attack rate toughness and high axis strategies in order to circumvent having to face the boss. This is a very useful lost ark item for changing your position or stacking, then quickly moving behind the boss, and finally using your search ability. The next thing I'm going to do is use the wind knife. Now your team is working together to provide attacks from both the front and the back with the wind knife.

The previous three turns, in order to accumulate three stacks of cards rather than just two. Now for my rebuttal. I am responsible for earth strike and push vulnerability detection. It's possible that I've got the name wrong, but these are the tripods that I use.


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The next step involves putting Sergey's blade of death skills to use, which are his bread and butter. This is the WINDCut program. If you change it to this tripod, it's the exploded one, and it will actually give you five stacks, but the difference is that the radius is very small, so if the ball starts to move, even if it has five stacks, you may not really get anything. At the last, er level, it actually increases the radius of this skill. So now talking about this, this tripod will quickly expand it, and it will give you four stacks in the search state. However, if you change it toEven though all of these are merely my personal preferences, the next thing I'm going to try is the enhanced radius. This is the second highest destructive ability you possess in your normal state. I will run the attack rate, I will run the fist of the dark, and I will run the half cut. Sorry, I meant the first of the dark. These are the fundamental tripods for utilizing this ability, and in addition to that, I make use of the violet wind rune. My final and second-to-last skill is going to be male storm.

This not only benefited the members of my party, but it also increased the amount of foam that I could generate. This is excellent in every way. There is no benefit to increasing this number by more than seven at this time. The air raid ability will be my final one. In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the sound effect of moonlight in the event that you choose to make use of it. Void strike is the only skill you should alter in my opinion; moonlight and sound speed should take its place. Other than that, lost ark weapon you should leave everything else alone. Lightning strike and soul absorber are two damage-dealing abilities that, in my opinion, you should keep.

Now that we've established that, I'd like to talk about the differences between them, and after that, it's up to you to decide whether or not you want to use one of them. Personally, I prefer to use void strike instead of moonlight sonic; with that in mind, let's begin with void strike. Compared to air attack, the scope of air attack is larger, so you can hit the boss at the outer edge of moonlight sonic. However, in some cases, air attack may actually be lost, so ultimately, it depends on preferences. According to the rule of thumb, I suggest 14 stack cycles for air attack, 20 stack cycles for air attack again, or 20 stack cycles for moonlight sonic, but ultimately, it depends on preferences. Simply put, the goal is to increase your DPS.

I would recommend that you finish assembling these three tripods first because of the importance they hold. This one increases the likelihood of a critical hit, while this one increases the charge. The soul absorber is a dark injection that has a faster attack speed, and it is the second thing that you will want to finish.

I believe that technique is called "half cutting," and in order to finish it, you need to do these three things. After that, there are these three things. Now that I have brought this up, from my own perspective regarding its importance, I want to mention it once more. Blitzkrieg, soul absorber wind cutting, rotating cutting, and void hitting mail storm should be the first things you finish. After that, you should move on to the dark axis, and then you should finish with your counter. If you attack the boss from behind, you will immediately receive ten opportunities to score a critical hit.