It's not to the point of confronting NBA players who have a normal of 75 places

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Dream Shake Post move fakes are more likely to have a higher chance of stuning defenders NBA MT Coins. Furthermore, shots attempted after post-moves and fakes have an increased shot percentage. Dropstepper - Provides more successful attempts at post hopsteps and dropsteps and also protects the ball more effectively when performing these actions in the post.

The Fast Twitch (new) is a speedy way to increase the ability to get standing Dunks or layups done before the defense has the time to engage. Fearless Finisher strengthens players' ability to absorb contact and still finish. Also , it helps reduce the amount of energy lost by layups that are caused by contact.

Giant Slayer - Boosts the shot's percentage on layup attempts when they are mismatched against a taller player and also reduces the chances of getting blocked. Grace under Pressure (new) - Gives an advantage to shots from standing which occur close to the basket.

Hook Specialist – Gives a lift to hooks used to hang posts anywhere. Limitless takeoff (new) when attempting to get into the basket, a player who wears this badge will begin their dunk or layup gathering far more out than other players. Lob City Finisher increases the chances of completing a successful alley-oop or layup.

Mouse In The House (new) when attacking the defender with less size it will have an increased chance of closing. Post Spin Technician – Attempting to execute post spins and drives are more effective and less possibility of being stripped.

Posterizer: Increases the odds of putting an errant dunk to your opponent. Pro Touch provides an extra shot boost for having slightly earlier, slightly later or excellent timing for layups. Putback Boss Buy MT 2K22: Allows putback dunks as well as boosts the shot abilities of a player that attempts layups or dunks with a putback after receiving an offensive rebound.