GGG admitted they were wrong to allow Streamers to bypass the login queue of Path of Exile

What makes the players angry is that some people even jumped directly over the landing queue to the new league by paying.


In the process of Grinding Gear Games launching a new extension called Ultimatum in Path of Exile, the server encountered some problems during the weekend, making players have to wait for a while to enter, sometimes even as long as several hours. What makes the players angry is that some people even jumped directly over the landing queue to the new league by paying. You know, Path of Exile is a completely free game on any platform. Players only need to prepare some POE Currency to start enjoying the new league.

The false behavior really angered the players. The background of this phenomenon is that GGG has been carrying out some paid, influential and influential marketing recently, which involves arranging large-scale program producers to show the Path of Exile to the audience in order to get money. They arranged a two-hour streaming payment and encountered a login queue that took two hours to clear. This can almost set a literally enormous sum of money on fire. Therefore, the developers made a hasty decision to allow these Streamers to bypass the queue. Most Streamers did not ask for this, so what happened should not blame. They also allow other broadcasters who are not taking part in the campaign to skip the queue to prevent them from POE Currency.

The decision to allow any streamer to bypass the queue was clearly wrong. It does not provide the audience with what to watch while waiting, but offends all players who desire to enter the game but cannot do anything, and have to watch other people enjoy this freedom. The beginning of each new league of Path of Exile is fair competition for everyone, and they need to make sure that this is reality. In the future, they will not allow streamers to bypass the login queue. Instead, they will ensure that the queue works better, so that it is a fast process for everyone and is always fair competition.

It is completely understandable that it dissatisfied many players with all aspects of today. GGG just wants to provide those players who are still worried about the reasons things happened and insights into what they are doing in the future. As for the new league, it is still very worthwhile for players to try. They can still get more achievements and honors by buying many Path of Exile Currency. Cool!