How to Make Use of Online Review with Website Design Agency

Online reviews generate trust and increase traffic to your business. Follow the guide given in the article to improve your brand's online reputation in the market.


When it comes to the digital realm, most people today like to err on the side of caution. This means that if a business wants to thrive, they need to build trustworthy relationships with its consumers. Now of course, if it is a returning customer then you know that you’ve already gained some loyalty from them. However, how do you assure people who are visiting your website for the first time that you are truly a trustworthy business that can be relied upon? The solution to this issue is quite simple - effectively making use of online reviews. You can hire a Web Design Company in Los Angeles that designs a website in a manner that maximizes the use of online reviews. 


Ways to Use Online Reviews Effectively

It was found that around 93% of users tend to read online reviews and rely on them when engaging with a new brand or company. In fact, users claim that they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Thus, it is evident that reviews work as an effective persuasion tool. Moreover, your SEO ranks are also highly affected by the quality and quantity of your reviews. Thus, you should hire the Best SEO Company in Los Angeles and make sure that your SEO strategies incorporate the use of online reviews. The following are some ways in which your web design company can make use of online reviews for your website: 



Customer testimonials refer to making use of direct quotes from your customers that talk about their experience of using your products or services. You can ask your loyal customers to send their pictures and the institution they work for. When people see the real faces behind those positive words, they are even more likely to trust your company. Additionally, the more trust you build, the higher your SEO ranking will be. The SEO Company in Los Angeles that you hire can sort out the right testimonials for you that you can display. 



This refers to the practice of sharing consumers’ personal stories and their experiences with your company. You can create videos, perhaps in the form of an interview. You can also ask them to share their entire journey and even some before and after pictures if that is the kind of service or product you offer. Essentially the purpose of client highlight is to get up close and personal with your clients and show the world that you are a trustworthy company. Moreover, even the graphics you use on your website affect your SEO ranks. Make sure that you get these videos approved by your Los Angeles SEO Agency before posting them online. 



Instead of adding entire reviews to your website, you can also just add the badges. These badges can then be linked to third-party reviews websites such as Google and Yelp and your visitors can read all the reviews that they want to. Just ensure that these badges are designed in a manner that synchronizes with your entire website. A company that specializes in Website Design Los Angeles will be able to help you with this.



Needless to say, such effective use of online reviews will help you in building trust with your potential customers. Make sure that your current customers are aware of the fact that they can leave a review. Share your review listing links with them actively. Of course, you will have the added benefit of ranking higher on SERPs, something that a company that offers SEO Services in Los Angeles can also help you with.