Thermal Printer Price India | Faster Processes and Cost-Effective

Posiflex thermal printers are known for their dust-proof and spill-proof design. They support fast printing as well as easy operation. Get the thermal printer price in India here.


Functionality begins with updating, reiterating, and integrating technologies that make a difference to the customer experience. You can drive progress in your business through that integration because of time and effort optimization that saves time for the management to cater to the operational needs of that particular industry. Posiflex offers industry-specific solutions that make sense to invest in and use for better productivity. 



This Posiflex printer is a printer that’s built with speed; you get a superior build with express speed printing of 220 mm per second. This thermal printer in India has a LAN interface and a serial interface that works with USB. A compact three-inch thermal printer comes with an error indicator when there’s an error like a power issue or a paper overrun. This printer comes under a Speedy Thermal POS printer subcategory, where they are optimized for a restaurant pos system. Along with the convenience of an auto-cutter, the printer also has wall mount compatibility. 



An all-rounder is recognizable by consistency despite its circumstances and environment. The PP8800UB Thermal Printer India saves time in crucial places like bars and restaurants. The POS terminal establishes speeds of up to 220mm/second while it also comes with water and dust resistance protecting it from adverse conditions. The interface connects with it through a LAN/Wireless/Serial connection and the options for a Bluetooth/USB/Ethernet connection. The POS integration is best suited for bars, pubs, and restaurants.



A billing supermachine with the highest printing speed of 300 mm/second is easy to use and has a low thermal printer price in India for industries of all sizes. With a design focused on durability that suits even the harshest environments, it is also a spill-proof system that is completely dust resistant. The cost-effectiveness also plays into the on-the-screen convenience, and they offer an option to choose between a manual cutter and an automatic cutter. This printer is compatible with several sectors, from the hospitality to manufacturing industries.