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KaterBlue is the No. #1 maritime services portal offering diving courses, sailing courses, boat tours, fishing boat tours and even organises yacht parties for corporate groups and weddings. Get in to


KaterBlue makes it easy to connect directly with yacht owners and professionals for a perfect bareboat/yacht charter or hire an experienced professional to join you as a crew member.

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For a great number of owners, a boat can be a source of worry because of the high additional costs in maintenance, taxes, harbor fees etc. When you are waiting a long time for a buyer to come along you can find one more easily since the potential purchaser feels reassured that he can charter the boat first for an extensive sea trial and to see if it is really for him. Also, you can add to the comfort of the potential purchaser by coming along and getting him accustomed to handling the boat. Not selling the boat or not using the boat for one’s own leisure, like on most days, the vessel is just lying idly in some harbor, draining funds. KaterBlue changes all this. Chartering out your boat or yacht in this safe and controlled way, will be beneficial for the boat user – as further explained below – but also for the boat owner. As a boat or yacht owner, it allows you to freely put up your boat or yacht for sale, to look for a suitable and reliable buyer though charters, and to make money in the process. Even if you do not sell right away, you will have a new source of income at your disposal which will help you compensate for all those boat maintenance costs that your boat brings along.

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If you, like most people, do not possess a boating certificate, you are equally welcome at KaterBlue. You can easily find your ideal charter with an experienced captain included in the price. Just check the “captain” box while performing your search and you will be shown all charters on your preferred location that have a skipper or captain riding along. In many cases, the captain will be also the boat owner who takes his or her charterers aboard his own vessel, but in many other cases, the captain is a professional who is specifically hired to do what he or she is best at. While planning your trip, prior to departure, you decide your own level of involvement.

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Diving is a truly great experience. Floating above the seabed among colorful fish and sea weed, a new world opens for you. Now imagine you can dive in any location of your choosing, with your own personal instructor, for a reasonable price. The secret of KaterBlue is that it is made by and for people with a passion for water. We bring you in contact with the greatest diving instructors, without you having to subscribe to an agency, without tuition and waiting periods. If you have a diving sailing and kayaking tours certificate you can just hop on and go. If you don’t the diving instructor can give you an introduction and you can see for yourself if you wish to take it further

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Are you visiting a city with a beach, and you feel like surfing, but you do not have a board? Did you always dream of going jet skiing, dinghy sailing, kayaking, kite surfing or even take a fishing trip? Or do want to go diving at your tropical vacation location, but you do not have the gear nor an instructor? Simply search on KaterBlue and you will find the nearest and most advantageous offers.