Origin Of Iron Steamer Portable

Innovative and portable, the iron steamer portable revolutionizes the daily care of clothes


    The simple and functional steamer dates back to the 1940s. At the time, they were used to reshape hats, mainly for professional use. Later, especially in the 1990s, it became more accessible. It has entered the lives of ordinary people thanks to the research and development of more manageable and increasingly powerful devices.

    Innovative and portable, the iron steamer portable revolutionizes the daily care of clothes. It makes life easy before going to work or a last-minute meeting.

    Change the way you look at laundry care: Whether it's sanitizing clothing, enhancing it by removing creases, or refreshing tired clothes, vertical steam will revolutionize your everyday life. This technology is already used in the fashion industry, tailors, and clothing stores, giving you flexibility wherever you are!

    The idea is to make steam work without your device touching items. Using only steam, almost all types of fabrics can be steam treated and purified: cotton, viscose, and polyester, as well as the most delicate materials such as lace, microfiber, cashmere, or silk.

    Natural materials like silk, angora, and wool, or plant-based materials like linen and hemp are also better for steam than ironing, which can sometimes be too hot.

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