Types of the rivet of Clutch Rivet Manufacturers

The type and use of the rivet of Clutch Rivet Manufacturers



The type and use of the rivet of Clutch Rivet Manufacturers

1. Fan rivets are specially installed for manual installation. You can pass through the pores of the inlaid or chain. Use elastic material material to create good toughness. The design is cleverly designed with elastic function and the corresponding pore diameter is pulled in. Fan rivets are mainly used in electronic computer case fans, heat sinks and chips, which have anti -vibration and reduce noise.

2. The rivet rivet is a very convenient riveting new rivet fastener. In a narrow space or no rivet, a rivet rivet can show its unique advantage. Using a single -sided punching core with a hammer and other utensils can rivers two or more connections. The rivet rivet can be divided into flat -headed rivets and imperial head -strike rivets according to the shape of the nail hat.

3. The types of pulling rivets can be roughly divided into opening, closed, double -drum, and single drum types.

4. Call -head -shaped core rivet: Riveting on the surface after riveting is required to be riveted with smooth and beautiful riveting parts.

5. Double drum rivet rivets: During the riveting, the nail core pulls the end of the rivet body into a double drum shape, clamp the two structural parts to be riveted, and reduce the pressure on the surface of the structural part. It is mainly used for riveting various thin structures in industries such as vehicles, ships, buildings, machinery, electronics.

6. Hat along the core rivet: The diameter of this rivet is significantly increased compared to the ordinary core rivet. When the rivet is riveted with the connector, it has a larger contact area and a stronger support surface to enhance the enhancement. Torque intensity, can withstand higher radial tension. Applicable industry: It is suitable for fastening soft, fragile surface materials and extra large holes, adding a special protective application for soft materials for soft materials.

7. Close -type core rivet: It is designed for riveting, which can be designed to cover the axis. It is very suitable for multi -faceted applications with waterproof requirements. With high shear, anti -vibration, anti -high pressure.

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