WOW Classic upgraded to Burning Crusade, which players will bring a better experience

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There is no doubt that World of Warcraft Classic is a WOW Classic Gold success for the developer Blizzard. Some players don't really want to continue playing Burning Crusade, because they may prefer the original version of the game. Therefore, the company naturally hopes to continue its momentum by introducing WOW: Burning Crusade Classic, the first expanded "classic" version of the game in World of Warcraft. For those players who want to continue to play the original version, Blizzard also provides them with a choice of WOW Classic with a regular character.

Players can explore new races, career updates and new areas of World of Warcraft on the existing World of Warcraft classic servers. And the existing WOW Classic server will be automatically converted to the Burning Crusade form, so that those players who do not want to enter the Dark Portal can enter the broken foreign world without entering the Dark Portal. Blizzard said that the decisions made by players will be permanent, whether it is to permanently retain the current form of WOW Classic or to update the version. And, technically speaking, players can also freely choose whether to own the cake or want to eat the cake.

This new expansion may eliminate most of the hard-won trophies. So for those who have spent hundreds of hours buying the best equipment and items in the classic World of Warcraft Classic Gold game, this will be a difficult decision. But for those players who want to stay in the "vanilla" WOW and stay in Azeroth, the launch of Burning Crusade will be an opportunity for them to choose.