Posiflex POS Machine Manufacturers in India | Best Service Capability

Posiflex is one of the best POS machine manufacturers in India known for its exclusive services for the restaurant and hospitality industry and its value-for-money products.


PS3216A is Posiflex’s Google mobile services (GMS) Certified android POS that has all the unique features to make a business owner’s task more manageable. A Posiflex billing machine is a well-connected unit with an android 10.0 fanless POS terminal with the latest android and rock chip RK 3399 processor. It is attached with a 15.6” screen with a p- cap touch screen for increased touch capability. This Posiflex POS system had a standard 4 GB DDR4 and 32 GB EMMC and a built-in Google play store.


When a customer prefers to use a credit card or debit card to make a payment, a conventional (POS) Terminal first reads the magnetic strip to check for sufficient funds before making the cash transfer to the merchant. The sale transaction is saved, and a receipt is printed. The printed receipt can be handed over to the customer or sent online to the customer through an email or a text. Such systems may end up being a total loss and may have to be replaced repeatedly. POS machine manufacturers in India help businesses to save time in transactions. 


Traditional hardware and outdated POS systems are not tablet or mobile-friendly. Businesses need to be updated in technology to stay ahead of their competitors. POS terminals that can be well connected through WIFI, Bluetooth, or ethernet make the devices portable and perform tasks faster. Merchants can configure the POS settings according to how they want to manage cash flows. Such a customizable posiflex POS system involves higher upfront costs while leasing levels out monthly payments.


Busy retail stores and restaurants planning to offer the best service to customers generally do not like to make them wait for a product or meal. Costs, processing, and user-friendly features are essential for the POS system that they purchase. Posiflex POS machine manufacturers in India are incorporated with updated processors and technology.