All Anikka Vista Locations in Lost Ark

Combat is primary focus of Lost Ark, and it’s worth stopping by for players.


Combat is primary focus of Lost Ark, and it’s worth stopping by for players. Especially in various Vista Locations on each continent, which bring upgrades to players’ Book of Adventurers, as well as stunning cinematic moments.

Anikka is sixth continent of Lost Ark, and arguably one of most beautiful—reflected by 10 Vista Locations spread across its region. Most of them are on paths that players should travel through during main storyline, and none of them are located within a dungeon, so are relatively easy to find.

Abandoned House - Fujiyama Vista Location

When players arrive at Sangang, Cold Haunted House in Fujiyama, they will see an herbalist standing to east. Players walk up to him and head south. Next to dead tree on other side of path, player will find abandoned House Vista Location.

Canal–Port City Changhun Prospect Location

Enter Changhun area of ​port city from gateway to high seas, then follow northwest path. They turned left as soon as possible, passing position of Hengan, trade skill tool merchant. Just past his booth, next to green flag on railing, players will buy Lost Ark Gold and find Canal Vista.

Cloud Cliff–Prisma Valley Vista Location

Head to Beacon Point Triport in Prisma Valley. Head north from Triport, on right side of path, and they’ll immediately arrive at Cloud Cliff Vista Location. If they cannot arrived it, they should ask help for professional gaming service IGGM.

Demon Portal - Melody Forest Remote Location

After passing through three ports of Ascetic Temple, players reached Melody Forest and climbed eastward along vines. Follow astern path until player reaches gate. They will see a Canon camera on either side of path leading to gate. Demon Portal Vista is next to cannon on south side of path.

Bleak Edge Entrance - Vista Location

This Vista is just a few steps southwest of Cloud Valley Three Harbors in Twilight Fog. Follow path to Bleak Edge dungeon and they’ll go right through it.

Gate - Delphi Town Vista Location

If player enters Delphi Town from port city Long Soul Portal, head northeast to market area, then turn northwest at Triport. Players had better Buy Gold Lost Ark to replenish energy. Walk past grocer and repairman, then go down stairs. To their right, a pond will be seen. Next to a table to left of pond is Gate Vista.

Hill - Prospect Location

Enter Twilight Fog through Melody Forest Portal. Follow path to northwest, just to left of path. Not far from Portal, they’ll see Lee Kang standing next to waterfall - and “Hill” Vista Location.

Echo Spring - Melody Forest Landscape Location

Follow South Road, just a short walk west of Spring Of Echoes Triport. They reach northern edge of area and work on top until they see climbing vines. If they get to point where path thins out and continues east, they’ve gone too far. Climb up vines and they’ll find Spring Of Echoes Vista at top.

Competition Venue - Long-Soul Vision Site of Port City

Go directly to middle of map in Changhun area of ​​port city, marked with word “Arena”. Tournament Arena Vista is located between regional center and southeast staircase, which leads directly to Open Seas Portal.

Wisteria - Fujiyama Vista Location

Go straight north through Wolf Valley from port city Long Soul Portal until player cannot go any further. Head east at T-junction, then follow dead-end path north. Finally, they’ll find Wisteria Vista.

 Alright, have players found all Anikka Vista Locations in Lost Ark? After reading this article, players will have some understanding and inspiration, then try it according to description! Finally, good luck to all players!