Signs that you know somebody is using drugs

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Substance abuse is more common than people think. It can affect almost anyone and everyone. Studies have found that most of the people who work full time are prone to substance abuse. It is crucial that you keep a check on the signs for yourself too.

If you are a DOT employee, you will need to start the substance abuse program DOT. Drug abuse will affect productivity at the workplace. Furthermore, it may have a negative impact in terms of safety-sensitive jobs.

The DOT SAP process is crucial for all the employees. During the enrollment process or job tenure, the individuals will need to undergo alcohol and drug assessment. This is done to ensure that they don’t put anybody at risk. Any individual who fails the test or refuses to appear for the test will need to undergo the return to duty process DOT. Until and unless they receive a negative result, they will not be allowed to work.

The common signs of drug or substance abuse include the following:

Overall appearance

Long-term abuse can have a negative impact on physical appearance. If you notice that one of your employees isn’t looking that healthy or good, it is probably because they have been abusing drugs. Many drugs can suppress your appetite thereby making your hunger go down.

When you don’t eat, it becomes visible in your weight. The body composition will significantly change. This is also a criteria that is closely assessed during the return to duty process DOT. If you fail to do so, or aren’t appearing your best, the company may reconsider their decision of hiring you.

Struggling with limits

People who have been overdosing on drugs will have a tough time understanding what is the limit. They take drugs more than the prescribed dosage. This can make their health conditions worse.

Addiction may also come with some self-prescribed rules that are crucial to look at. Many addicted people have their own set of rules. Often it may happen that they will know the rules, the only problem is that they won’t know where to stop. This can be a concerning sign.

Loss of interest

Addicted people will often show signs that they are no longer interested in certain things. Substance dependency will become a thing that will affect their mind and body. If you tend to lose interest in certain things around you, it can be a sign that you are addicted. Lack of enthusiasm, or dulling talent can also be a sign of the problem.

Frequent mood swings

The DOT SAP process will check you for frequent mood swings to understand if you are addicted or not. You may feel emotionally unstable. You may not be able to handle your mood in a proper manner which can eventually be a problem in the long run.

Having an optimistic approach towards life can be helpful. It will also help to overcome certain depression episodes.

Your employer may conduct the DOT SAP program to check for the individuals who may be at the risk of addiction. It is crucial to follow the necessary steps and complete the return to duty process DOT if you ever test positive.