Top 5 Tricks To Pack Your Clothes For The Move

Follow these simple tips to make the pack-up much more efficient.


Clothes also require some care. They may not be considered delicate, but clothes can be damaged if not handled safely. Follow these simple tips to make the pack-up much more efficient.


Declutter The Closet

The first step to a smooth pack-up is decluttering. Get rid of the stuff not needed before beginning the pack-up. It is now time to purge the clothes that are of little or no use anymore. Schedule the pack-up at least a month or two before the big day. The packing process is one of the most time-consuming chores of relocation.


The fewer the clothes, the easier the pack up. Donate or sell the clothes that are in the best of their shapes. The garments to be packed should be kept separately so that they do not get jumbled up with the rest of the household belongings. 


Buy The Right Packing Stuff

Clothes are also fragile, so wrap them up carefully. Do not wait until the last moment to organise the closet. Assess the clothes before buying the packing supplies. The quality of the packing boxes decides the security of the goods inside. Hence, you should never go wrong with the type and dimension of the boxes.


Purchase wardrobe boxes, suitcases and dresser drawers to transport the clothes safely. Wardrobe boxes are comparatively more convenient because the clothes can be packed along with the hangers. Tapes, labels, packing cushions, and markers are some of the other packing accessories needed. 


Place The Essentials Aside

Once you know what to pack, sort the stuff. This makes the unpacking a lot simpler than expected. Always pack the seasonal clothes first. After that, arrange the clothes in whichever way you want. Sort the clothes based on their colour, occasion, and type to reduce the burden. Organising is definitely a tedious and time taking task, but you will be thankful later. 


Put aside the clothes you will require on the relocation day and also a few days after. Pack them in separate boxes to keep them away from the rest. Label the essential box with a different colour sticker.


Try To Get Some Assistance

Relocation is never a fuss-free activity. There is a lot to do, so do not attempt to perform all the tasks alone. Get in touch with the renowned packers and movers in your locality and let them assist you with the chores. Experts will be equipped with the best packing supplies and tools. 


Scan the website and gather all the information about your ideal relocation agency before signing the contract. Check out the reviews and feedback of the clients too. 


Label Everything 

It goes without saying that labelling is indeed a crucial process. Ensure to label all the boxes and bags very clearly for smoother identification. Mention all the necessary contact info and the details of the inventory inside the boxes, on the label.  This will be helpful to both the loaders and to you when it comes to unpacking. It is better to contact the courier service providers to transport the luxurious fragile belongings.