Park was also asked what the reason was in order for Lost Ark

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Park was also asked what the reason was Lost Ark Gold in order for Lost Ark to transition from Asian success to a global smash.

"The need was there, Smilegate has invested years in developing and improving the fundamental game and we worked with us to adapt it to a new and diverse audience, with millions of gamers now able to play games for the first time," he said.

There's also the link with South Korean culture, following the international success of Kpop artists and TV shows like the Netflix show Squid Game.

"I believe there is an emerging trend of globalisation of media across all media entertainment, and an increasing interest in international experiences that allow us to be exposed to cultures from all over globe," he said.

"Korean pop culture, such as music and television has been increasing in popularity in the West. The games are a natural extension of that trend."

Lost Ark Dev Would Consider an Xbox One port if Fans Would Like It

Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG buy Lost Ark Gold have stated that they may consider bringing Lost Ark to console if there was enough demand.