Coordinate your choice of tipple with the season

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If you want to provide your guests with a lasting memento of your wedding day then the gift of a wedding favor is the best way to thank your guests for joining you.  And these days’ creative couples are dreaming up some wonderful ideas. Traditionally small packets of rice were the wedding favor of choice, which was thrown at the bride groom when they left the reception.  However, concerns were raised as to the effect all this rice was having on our feathered friends (along with the mess) the traditional packet of rice was sidelined in favor of something more friendly.  Today guests are more likely to find a pretty little package of confectionary sitting at their place setting.These pretty packages are usually little boxes, bags or tulle wraps, filled with almonds, chocolates, candies or something a little more  Chest Freezers Factory  exotic. 


Candy has become the favorite wedding favor in recent years.  It is cheap to buy everyone loves it.  It can also be coordinated with the couples wedding colors for no or little expense.  For those with a slightly larger budget, a ballontine box containing two luxurious chocolate truffles greets their guest when they take their places.Candles in the form of votives or tealights in pretty holders are a hot favorite.  They are available in a wide range of designs colors to match any color scheme or theme.  Adding in personalized tags decorative ribbons makes them a bit more unique personal.Miniature bottles of wine or liquor are enjoying a revival are a delightful favor for all adult parties.  Coordinate your choice of tipple with the season or theme of your wedding, for instance cider in fall, brandy or whisky in winter white wine in summer.For many a wedding represents the beginning of a new life for the happy couple for this reason guest are receiving wedding favors of packets of flower seeds or even tiny seedlings.  These are inexpensive many companies will offer personalization services for the packets.  You can make your own personalized tags which you can add to pots ask your guests to plant the seedling in a special place.Many couples go romantic give their guests mini books of love poems or songs.  They may even write their own present it tied up like a scroll.  A gift of poems or song is a great way to bring a sense of your own personal tastes emotions to your favors.For those couples with a personal faith, their favors are a reflection of that faith you can find a wealth of suitable favors from religious supply stores.  Other choices in clued rosaries, devotional cards bookmarks printed with inspirational passages.If a number of your guests are coming for out of town, you could choose favors that are a reflection of the locality of your wedding. 

For instance miniature cacti or bottles of chili sauce for a Southwest wedding, maple syrup or candies for a New England ceremony or a pine sapling if you are in the Northwest.Other popular favors include photo favors in miniature frames or fridge magnets.  Bubbles are another popular choice; they are available in a range of wedding related bottles colors.  However, be careful with these as you could find your dance floor a treacherous place if everyone starts to blow them.