Methods of independent work of students on comprehension and assimilation of new material.

Methods of independent work of students on comprehension and assimilation of new material.


Along with the oral presentation of the material by the teacher, a significant place in the educational process is taken by the methods Students' independent work as well as statement of purpose writing service have a great impact on learning at the university and also have an effect on the perception and comprehension of new knowledge. These are very important methods.
For example, he believed that only independent work creates
The methods of independent work are of great importance in the learning process.

According to the opinion, "independent work of students included in the learning process is such work, which is performed without the direct participation of the teacher, but on
The students consciously strive to do the work without the teacher's direct involvement, but at a time specifically assigned to them;
the students consciously try to achieve the goal set in the task, showing their efforts and expressing in one form or another the results of their mental
the results of their mental and physicalor both.

Work with the textbook on comprehension and assimilation of new knowledge is that the acquisition of new knowledge is carried out independently by each student through thoughtful study of the material in the book and comprehension of the facts contained in it, examples and consequent theoretical generalizations (rules, conclusions, laws).

In order for the work with the textbook in the classroom to have a learning effect, the teacher needs to observe the following requirements:

- First of all, essential is the correct
First of all, essential is the right choice of material (topics) for independent study of the textbook at the lesson. It is known that not every question students can
master on their own without a detailed explanation by the teacher. Thus, observance of the principle of accessibility of learning is one of the conditions for the correct organization of independent work of students with the textbook in order to master the new material.
- In the process of lessons the teacher should observe the course
of independent work of students, ask some of them
Questions to find out how they understand the material being studied. If some of them will meet with difficulties, it is necessary to help them to understand the concepts.
- Serious attention should be paid to forming
students the ability to independently comprehend and assimilate new material on the textbook.
- Often independent work with the textbook can
precede the demonstration of experiments and visual aids to
to create a problematic situation in the classroom and stimulate students to a more thoughtful understanding of the material studied.
- The study of new material in the textbook is often carried out in the form of selective reading of certain places to
of the descriptive nature of the questions independently.
In this case the presentation of the material by the teacher alternates with
The teacher's presentation of the material alternates with students' work on the textbook.

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