Posiflex | KB6600 programmable keyboard | Magnetic stripe reader

The Posiflex KB 6600 is a robust programmable keyboard with a spill-proof design, 84 keys, a cable management system, and an optional magnetic stripe reader.


Posiflex programmable keyboards are versatile, easy to use, and can be coupled with a few functions which can help in enhancing the business processes effectively and efficiently. The KB 6600 is a custom programmable keyboard that helps users to ensure faster despatch of invoices and make retail checkouts seem like a walk in the park. It is a wired programmable keyboard with a set of eighty-four keys which helps in easy typing and simple programmable keystrokes. Its customizable nature helps in assigning custom actions to different keys thereby saving a lot of time for users and customers. Retail checkouts can be made simple with faster data entry. This keyboard is specifically designed for PCs and point of sale boxes and can be leveraged in supermarkets, and department stores.

The Posiflex KB 6600 programmable keyboard is spillproof and can be easily cleaned if any beverage or food particles accidentally fall on the keypad. The keyboard also has an additional option for attaching additional magnetic stripe card readers for easy access and simple operation. It has significant space for the key top size, with six-position control keys for easy access. With additional options like a blank key and double key for alternative key group layout, you can better manage your operations and ensure seamless management and easy dispatch of customers. It is also designed for rough use and can take hard tapping consistently thanks to its rugged build. 

Apart from the KB 6600, Posiflex also has a wide range of programmable keyboards both wired and wireless which are spillproof and support additional functions and features. Most of our wireless programmable keyboards come with an attached magnetic strip reader and would be compatible with different devices. The keys are well spaced and uniquely positioned to facilitate fast typing and easy access.