Path of Exile: 3 professional secrets of the shadow profession

Blood magic consumes health instead of mana. Shadow has several kinds of mana to his advantage, and he can use mana.


Thanks to the open passive skill tree, "Path of Exile" is a game that allows classes to overlap in a very similar way. Because of the witches who use shields, the Wanderers who use POE Currency, and the Templars who use spells, it is usually difficult to see who is playing and determine the category on the screen. In the homogeneous world of heroes, Shadow destroys similar worlds by being completely unique.

No other class secretly hits important people and stabs backwards like the shadow class does not seem to have such a personality, and the superior level makes the shadow a nightmare for hostile enemies. It is easy to make poor quality shadows, of course, they are usually cut off first. Professional players have some suggestions. After training, they will find that they suffer the most in the game.

No one thinks that the shadow of a witch is a shadow. However, Shadow has a certain amount of mana and has almost no talent to become a mature wizard. This does not mean that he must completely ignore the meaning, many rookies completely ignore the blue world. Remember that certain spells  can protect the character or make enemies more vulnerable to shadow attacks. Find a mana, or even just a mana that uses mana to compensate for physical damage.

It is said that the main function of the shadow is to physically cause great damage to the only target without causing anyone to fall to the ground. Some versions can change this character, but the game will encourage Shadow to complete this task. Wishful thinking does not make the mobs magically disappear. There are several options as to how to deal with them. The gems and skills that help the shadow escape are one way to do this. Or apply something that can eliminate groups. The former farming speed is slower than the latter, but stealth has more utility.

Blood magic consumes health instead of mana. Shadow has several kinds of mana to his advantage, and he can use mana. Therefore, many people want to know whether Buy POE Currency is suitable for players' preferred settings. Experts suggest that if Shadow has life stealing or some other life-stealing function, then this is almost always more powerful than any spell cost, which means that Shadow can recover health faster than releasing it. For most versions, this deserves serious consideration and should be chosen according to the player's preferences.