Why hire a paralegal for your firm?

Although it might seem counterintuitive, hiring a paralegal can add another income stream to your law firm. How can you tell when it is time to make such a decision?



These are three signs that revenue is being drained. It might be time to get some paralegal assistance.

  1. Time management issues

You should Hire Legal Assistant if you are spending too much time on work that does not increase your firm's business and keeps you from focusing on the work clients pay top dollars For attorneys who own their practice or work in small firms, it's common to think that "it's easier and quicker if I just do this myself."

Every hour or fraction of an hour you spend updating files, preparing trials, gathering information, rather than actual casework or consulting clients, will erode your earning potential. These tasks can be delegated to legal support professionals.

  1. Overloaded lawyers

Your firm's productivity will be affected if you try to burden experienced and busy attorneys with tasks that could be better handled by a paralegal. This can also impact your company's ability build revenue in two different ways.

  • Lawyers shouldn't be focusing on work your firm is able to charge more for (see sign No. 1).
  • Even less time is available for lawyers to assist in the expansion of growing practice areas and new business.

A side effect of Hire Legal Assistant is employee retention issues. Many attorneys are concerned about the satisfaction of doing meaningful work. You risk losing valuable members of your team if you ask talented lawyers to take on responsibilities that they don't find rewarding and make poor use of their talents.

  1. Unhappy clients

The biggest red flag is when clients complain about your service. Client-service quality will suffer if you and your team can't balance your primary tasks with tasks that can just as easily be handled by a paralegal. It won't be long before your clients notice and decide to move on to other services.

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