Types of fences

In this article you will learn about the types of fences.


Metal Fence

Whether you have a rural or modern home. And whether you are looking for a cheap garden fence or something more luxurious. A metal fence suits every architectural style and every budget. What types of garden screens can you choose? Approximately how much do they cost? And what about maintenance? You can read it all in this article!

Types of Metal Fence

You will always find a metal fence that suits your home, wishes and taste. You can choose from different types of garden fencing in metal: a mesh fence, mesh panels, fencing, gabions, or metal combined with other materials such as stone and wood. An overview:

Mesh Fence

Garden mesh is the cheapest metal garden fencing. This metal mesh wire is flexible and light, which makes installation very easy. Moreover, a mesh fence is available in different colors (eg green and anthracite), wire thicknesses, mesh shapes, mesh sizes, etc. Please note: garden mesh in itself is less sturdy. That is why a version with a top tube and/or a concrete slab at the bottom is often chosen (see photo above).

Mesh Panels

In addition to a mesh fence, you can also opt for metal mesh panels. They are not deformable and therefore much sturdier and more stable than ordinary garden mesh. Due to the combination of sturdiness, safety and budget-friendliness, these panels are very popular. In addition, mesh panels are available in different colors and heights. Just like garden netting, they are also quick and easy to install.

You can also keep a view of your garden with mesh panels. You can easily remedy this with a view screen or another type of view breaker. You can also provide more privacy and a neatly enclosed garden with an artificial hedge or a natural hedge (see photo above).


Would you rather go for a more exclusive and elegant look for your metal garden fence? Then you can also have a wrought iron or steel fence installed. The possibilities in terms of style, color and finish are virtually endless. Are you going for a rural look with decorative arrows and spheres? Or do you have a modern home and are you looking for a sleek variant of this ornamental fencing without ornaments (bar fencing) (see photo above)? Everything is possible!

Please note: the prices for a fence differ depending on the design, complexity of the finish, the quality of the material, ...