What Is A Medical Consumable Cryotube?

Medical Consumables Manufacturers Take You To Know Cryotube


The Cryotube is made of medical polypropylene and is a disposable laboratory consumable specially used for storing biological samples. In the gaseous state of liquid nitrogen, it can withstand low temperatures to minus 196 degrees Celsius. The unique external rotation design avoids the possibility of cross-infection. The tube cap is equipped with a silicone gasket to avoid liquid leakage, which ensures tightness even at the lowest storage temperature, ultimately ensuring the safety of the sample in the tube.

Caps come with a variety of embeddable color codes for easy identification. The white marking area and clear scale on the tube body are convenient for users to mark and calibrate the capacity. The maximum centrifugal force can reach 17,000g. All Cryotube are gamma sterilized, DNase-free, RNase-free, and pyrogen-free.

Advantages of cryotube products

  1. The externally screwed Cryotubeis designed for freezing samples, and the screw cap of the externally screwed cap can reduce the chance of contamination when handling samples.
  2. The internal rotation cryotube is designed for freezing samples in the liquid nitrogen phase, and the silicone gasket at the nozzle enhances the sealing performance of the cryotube.
  3. The texture of the cap is easy to rotate the cap.
  4. The cap and body are produced with the same batch and type of PP raw material, so the same expansion coefficient ensures that it can be sealed at any temperature.
  5. The large marked area is convenient for writing.
  6. The tube body is very transparent, easy to observe the sample.
  7. The round bottom design is convenient for pouring liquid and reduces residue.


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