Need a sweet Valentine’s Day message for your Boyfriend card?

Whether it's your first Valentine's Day with your boyfriend or you're fifth, we've got plenty of message ideas to show him you're still in love with him.

  • I scribble your name in the margins of my imaginary notebook over and over.
  • I like you and I LIKE you.
  • Even now, I get butterflies.
  • I'm so glad you didn't end up being a serial killer.
  • It's a blessing to have a great guy like you in my life.
  • I adore you. I can't wait to show you how much I love you. XOXOXO
  • Before I met you, Valentine's Day was a chore.
  • It turns out you're much more than just a hottie! I'm still blown away.
  • I'm completely smitten by you.
  • How did I end up with a total jerk like you?
  • Being with you is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
  • You're the type of boyfriend I admire.
  • My friends adore you, which says a lot.
  • When it comes to writing Valentine's Day messages, particularly for a family, Hallmark Senior Writer Mercedes Lucero has some super helpful, easy-to-implement tips that will help you make your message feel warm and personal.