Shock-proof pressure gauge is very accurate, especially strong and durable

Our shock-proof pressure gauge is developed, certified, and manufactured in accordance with the EN 837-1 standard.


  The shock-proof pressure gauge is used to measure relative pressure from 0.8 to 100,000 psi. They are classified as mechanical pressure measuring instruments and can operate without any power source.

  Shock-proof pressure gauge

  The spiral tube is a radially formed tube having an elliptical cross-section. The pressure of the measuring medium acts on the inside of the test tube and produces movement at the unclamped end of the test tube. This exercise is a measure of stress and is indicated by exercise.

  The C-shaped spiral tube forms approximately an angle. 250°, can be used for pressures up to 60 bar. In order to obtain a higher pressure, a spiral tube with multiple overlapping windings of the same angular diameter or a spiral tube with spiral coils on a plane is used.

  Our shock-proof pressure gauge is developed, certified, and manufactured in accordance with the EN 837-1 standard. These pressure gauges we produce have universal measurement ranges, process connections, certifications, and nominal sizes. For critical applications, we provide shock-proof pressure gauges with liquid fillers. The housing liquid ensures precise readability even under high dynamic pressure loads. It can buffer the moving parts in the box to prevent damage and increase wear. Safety pressure gauges complete the broad product portfolio. In addition to the solid partition wall between the dial and the measuring system, these spiral tube pressure gauges also have a blowback function. This safety protection device protects workers standing in front of the pressure gauge.

  Movement is equally important for reliable measurement value display. Our "Swiss Movement" mechanism is very precise and especially durable.