The mystery of the far side of the moon is explained by the enormous impact at the South Pole.

Scientists may have an answer for why one side of the moon once held lava and the other didn't.


Differences between the Moon's near and far sides linked to colossal  ancient impact


At 9:30 a.m. at night, you just came home from dinner.

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Ready to brew a cup of iced chamomile tea. But before wandering around the house You have a quick glance at the moon. The glowing spheres are dotted with a dark, smooth, and retro design. It's polished, bright, and most importantly familiar.

But this is the only side of the moon you'll ever see from below. There is a whole other side on the lunar surface, the far side, but we can't notice it. because it does not turn back to the world It never will. In fact, 1959 was the first time mankind had seen a hidden space.

Thanks to the Soviet probe Luna 3, it's not like what we're used to.It was rough, with a large number of craters. and without those characteristic dark gray patterns. Subsequent missions also reveal that it is filled with completely different elements. basically Our moon has two faces.