Get yourself the safest crypto wallet-the Phantom Wallet

This informative read has been prepared to help you with understanding the Phantom wallet, along with installation steps and setup procedure.


So, cryptocurrencies are everywhere, huh! And did you notice, that their monetary value has been skyrocketing? Well, do you think that this is a good time to just keep your crypto funds lying around in the online realm?

To be honest, we don’t keep money lying around in our homes where only a limited number of people have access to it. Then, why should you not keep your crypto safe if it is accessible to the whole world because of its digital form?

And so, we bring to you one of the very exclusive wallet services that made its way into the spotlight for bridging the distance between the crypto fanatics and the redefined Solana blockchain network- the Phantom Wallet.


Let’s walk you through the installation procedure.

You should know that the Phantom Wallet is a functional browser extension that can be installed for compatible browsers and would always stay on your computer. There are rumours of the mobile application launching soon but there is no official statement. So, enlisted are the installation steps for Phantom extension:

  1. Head into the Phantom official site from a browser.
  2. Go on to spot and hit “Download” and then “Add to Browser”.


  • Before you go on to install the extension, make sure that your in-use browser is compatible with it.
  • Once, the installation is done, head to the browser’s toolkit to see the added plug-in, which you can launch.


Following through with the setup procedure for the wallet

Here, we’ll be walking you through the steps that are enough to guide you through the setup procedure for your Phantom Wallet:

  1. The setup steps begin as the installation ends.
  2. Hit the “Create New Wallet” link on seeing it.
  3. Put on proper security by setting up a password.
  4. Reconfirm your submission and go with “Continue”.
  5. For the next step, you’ll have to retain the seed phrase.
  6. Save it offline and tap “OK, I saved it somewhere”.
  7. Submit the asked data and hit “Finish Wallet Setup”.
  8. Now, just wait to get the setup confirmation.


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The detailed read above has been carefully designed and prepared to introduce you to one of the very efficient and exclusive crypto wallet services- the Phantom Wallet. It is a browser extension that has secured crypto wallet properties and functions freely on the Solana blockchain network.

Reading through the data piece above, we are sure that you’ll get through the installation and setup procedure quite easily. And trust us, once, you’re done setting up, you will have the most amazing wallet experience that you can ever imagine.