Advantages Of LED Street Light Factory

What are the selection factors for LED street light power supply? Today, XianguilightLed Street Light Factorywill share with you.



As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, the LED industry has also been promoted. There are more and more types of LED lights, and their applications are more and more extensive. Even today's street lights are basically LED street lights. When there are lights, they naturally need power, and LED street lights naturally need LED street lights. What are the selection factors for LED street light power supply? Today, XianguilightLed Street Light Factorywill share with you:

Lightning protection
As we all know, street lights are installed outdoors, and lightning strikes are a big threat. Xiangruilight concluded that lightning strikes mainly include direct lightning strikes, conducted lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and switching overvoltages. Induced lightning strikes have the greatest impact on power supply equipment, and may produce voltages up to 5000KV or higher, and have great destructive power. Therefore, the selected LED street lamp power supply must have lightning protection.
price advantage
Price is the most important consideration. The LED street lamp power supply market is highly competitive. Although price is not the final determinant of this quality first product market, a higher price-performance ratio under high quality can provide street lamp manufacturers with more profit margins and competitive advantages. Therefore, it is still important whether product prices dominate.
Whether the quality is up to standard
LED street lights are mainly used in outdoor environments. For years, they have suffered from the harsh environment of wind, rain, thunder and lightning. The external temperature can reach up to 50°C and the lowest can reach -40°C. LED light source is a semiconductor light source, and its own light-emitting characteristics determine that its failure rate is very low, and the failure rate of the connecting part is also very low. Therefore, the quality of the LED drive power directly determines the service life of the entire street lamp, and is also the core part of the LED street lamp industry. .
Design allowance
At present, the application environment of LED street lamps sold in the domestic market is very complicated. The main reason is that the power supply voltage is unstable. In the case of commercial power supply, the actual input voltage often has a large deviation. In addition, various unsafe factors (such as the impact of power surges) will always affect the normal operation of the LED power supply. Therefore, the power supply requires a certain design margin. In order to ensure sufficient design margin, the life of the LED street lamp power supply will be more assured.
From the above aspects, we can know the main points of the choice of LED street light power supply. In fact, the LED street lamp power supply project is currently a representative project of the national energy-saving emission reduction project. In the light-emitting element, the characteristics of the LED itself have achieved a very good energy saving effect, so it can still be used safely. Choose a reliable 100w LED flood light manufacturer, xiangruilight looks forward to your attention.