Make your instagram reels to the next level


A survey states that maximum time spent on Instagram is utilised in watching reels by maximum people. Post ban of Tik-Tok Instagram reels have taken up to new heights. Reels on Instagram have become a very popular social media feature accessed by almost everyone. Instagram reels are short videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute. Reels a drafted using various sounds and AR effects to create a fun vine. Instagram reels mask maximum views and are one of the most watched features of Instagram.

How to make reels on Instagram?

Step 1:

Launch Instagram and tap on the ‘plus’ sign on the top right corner of the screen. From the drop down list select ‘reel’ option to reveal reels camera.

Step 2:

Instagram reels section offers you various options to draft and edit your reel. Select an audio using the audio button for your reel or you can even record your original audio while recording the video.

Step 3:

Choose a video layout for your reel and select the speed for your video. You can adjust whether you want slow motion or high speed video.

Step 4:

Set a timer for your video and also select a filter or AR effect by simply scrolling across the recorder button.

Step 5:

Click on the record button and the video will start recording. Once recorded tap done and share it on your profile by adding caption for it.

Tips to draft attractive reels:

  1. Try using different filters and AR effects to draft videos:

There a multiple filters and AR effects available on Instagram to draft your video in. try using these amazing filters to create your reels. Also you can use Insta Zoom app that provide your more filters and effects to make your videos in.

  1. Use hash tags to optimize your reels:

Today people generally search for trends, including certain trend specific hash tags in your reels helps you elevate your chances of being viewed. Use hash tags related to your niche as well to mask more views. You can even use keywords in your caption to optimize your reel per search algorithms.

  1. Follow trends with a unique twist:

People watch and make video in latest trends. These trends become popular in no time. Whenever you plan to make a reel with a trend try giving it your own unique twist, this helps people see something new in the trend and helps you mask more views. You can also promote your products through these trends.

  1. Use high quality video and audio:

No one wishes to watch blur videos. Make sure you use a high quality camera and good sound quality for your video. Also try shooting your video vertically as the format of reels is in vertical alignment. Making a blur or low sound video forces users to skip it and move ahead.

  1. Keep a check on the lightning:

While drafting reels for your profile make sure you use good light and background. These vitals determine the success of your reel. The right amount of lightning and proper contrast amidst the background and foreground helps elevate the overall look of your reel.