The reason for this is when I choose to have a nice home party

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The"Ghastly Knight" prayer gives OSRS gold you a battle suit for seven minutes which makes you cool, allowing you to attack and eat unharmed. It also doesnt work past 25 wilderness, merely to ensure it is not so overpowered. The seven seconds it protects you, it drains two prayer points every second. It can only be used once every ten minutes, to reduce misuse of it in greater prayer levels.

When battling Jad in the TzHaar minigame, this just reduces his hits by 75% instead of completely blocking them during the seven seconds. Ghastly Tunic- These give 13+ into the magical stat. They give 13+ range resistance in the defence stat. They give 13+ magic resistance in the defence stat. Gloves of Fenkenstein- These give 13+ to the range attack stat.

All right so I have discovered a method for Jagex to fight the war on macroing. The idea dawned upon me since I had been going through and reading some suggestions that were speaking about quitting the macroers but had been falling kind of short. This notion here will end up being a little more advanced and quite a step a head of the Old school runescape buy gold game.