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We see a lot of watches, but how much do you know about the parts in the watch? How much do you know about several common balance? Today Xiaobian to watch the popularization of knowledge, bring you to the four most common balance.

A common design is simple, but is a lot of C.O.S.C. chronometer used. It consists of a new alloy Glucydur ingredients: beryllium, copper and iron (berrylium bronze), the advantage is very hard and stability, resistance to deformation, antimagnetic, and anti rust. Parity table is also useful for this design, but the choice is the parity material.

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Double metal screw wheel: balance side screws adjustable or out, change the position, and the screw screw cap can also increase or decrease. Is the balance wheel. When the adjusting screw a cutting edge in the import, can compensate the temperature change effect on the balance of. When the weight is increased or the screw is moved near the cutting edge, the ability to compensate for temperature difference will increase. At the same time, the balance is made of two kinds of alloy, and the compensation temperature change

Screw wheel: around 1930, a lot of alloy materials has become a. The most famous alloys are Nivarox, which are nickel, chromium, berrylium, titanium, aluminium and iron. Spring the most advanced Nivarox (Nivarox I Highest) the temperature error is +/_0.3 seconds / per day. New alloys allow single material balance, because balance is no longer required to compensate the influence of temperature was hairspring.

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Weight balance: because the cracks will reduce the weight of the weight, the weights can change the weight distribution of rotation wheel edge. As a pair of relative weights in the same way, watch on the poor can be adjusted. The more weight balance (crack to balance point outside the center) will increase the effective diameter of the wheel, and slow down the watch time. The weights can also be used to independently adjust the balance wheel itself. This design was heavily used by Patek Philippe.

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