Keloid Specialist in Mumbai

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A keloid is an uneven fibrous tissue patch that grows at the site of an injury or prior scar. Though keloid scars are generally not dangerous to your health, they can produce both bothersome physical symptoms and aesthetic difficulties. Skin City is proud to offer the most comprehensive keloid treatment options in the area. Our renowned dermatologist, Dr. NiteenDhepe, can analyze your problem and work with you to establish the most suited form of treatment for you.

What are Keloids?

When the skin is injured, a fibrous layer called scar tissue grows over the wound to heal and protect it. In some conditions, the body develops too much collagen during the process of healing, resulting in additional scar tissue that produces smooth, hard growths called keloids. Keloids differ from regular scars in that they often extend beyond the borders of the injury site and are recognized by raised, ridged lumps or darkening regions of skin.

Dr. NiteenDhepe and his team of specialist dermatologists at Skin City provide a variety of treatment alternatives to remove keloids scars and restore the skin's smoother, more natural-looking texture.