I hear you about the flame pit - I have observed my sister try she died 23+ occasions

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I hear you about the flame pit - I have observed my sister try she died 23+ occasions and must start over - The clicking is delayed [you know that frustration] I want runescape would run as smoothly as it did in 2008 - There was a nice balance of game play afterward - a individual could ability or perform combat and OSRS gold there was a really very short delay in our commands for the personality being completed - The ppl in lagex have included a lot of content and too fast because of their hosts to load it and to interact with our computers.

I used to play on dial up and it had been just a Pent II duo core 2 gb CPU and only 2 gb of RAM - Todays games barefly work on this old high-tech - lol. High speed internet - and I live on the West side of the USA and there is frequently too much lag to farm -

Maybe there have been tto several ferns, brush, running animals and huge tree updates that choke the servers as all this new uneccasary tourist scene loads? Maybe - - but what could I know, I am just a client. A customer that requires a cheat dart to kill a boss that I have nearly killed several times - that I am just not quickly enough to complete.

First of all, do not use a different font. Comic sans is not cool. We are used to studying the standard font, and thus while you're probably hoping to make things simpler to browse or whatever, you shouldn't. It distracts from your article. Now, on to your question. I will not answer that. Rather, I'd love to say that by far the simplest means of making cash from clue scrolls would be to do level 1 scrolls. This is as they are much quicker to discover and complete, and also still have the capability to get great rewards, most especially god pages but also things such as purple candies and so forth. A couple of cheap RuneScape gold pieces of the trimmed gear are also in high demand, such as wizard (g), and these too can only be found in level 1 scrolls.