Soon the snow of Animal Crossing finally melts, and there will be new activities

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For players in the northern hemisphere, Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s winter has been long for several months, and fans have begun to wonder whether spring will melt the snow on the island’s residents. The cold winter adds a nice touch to seasonal events like "Toy Day" and "New Year's Eve", but as Festivale gradually lags behind players. According to the Animal Crossing: New Horizon Official Companion Guide, through DualShockers, it seems that players will see the snow melting in late February and completely melting around February 24 or 25. As the player enters March, the green grass and trees will be a perfect contact to help them prepare for the upcoming animal crossing and cross-border activities between the Super Mario Bros. and the usual spring vacation.

In December 2020, snow falls on the Animal Crossing Island, and players can enjoy the magic of winter. The trees were turned white by frost, and when the characters walked through the island, they wore warm sweaters, coats and boots, dressed in warm clothes, built Snow Boys, and decorated them for the cold season. Snowfall usually covers Animation Crossing for three months, which means that the player has entered the Nook Miles Ticket end of winter.

New Horizons will also celebrate Animal Crossing's Clover Day holiday, which is a seasonal event on March 17. Players will start to purchase clover-themed decorations from March 10. Decorations include clover rugs, door panels, home decorations and costumes to help players blend into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. When the free update content released on February 25 is available, players can also start preparing their Super Mario appearance on March 1.

It is currently unclear whether Animal Crossing will hold a special event on March 20 to celebrate its first birthday, or whether the infamous "Bunny Day" event and its fierce attack on eggs will reappear in April. At the same time, players can definitely look forward to melting the snow and adding the beauty of flowers and gardens to the upcoming spring content in Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

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