These changes will make the lives of Animal Crossing villagers so easy

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For this avid animal crossing islander, the highlight of the upcoming update is the addition of Super Mario warp tubes. According to the video, players can place two pipes on the island and then use them like a fast-moving elevator to get from one part of the island to another. You can place one outside the front door, while another in a museum, Nook's Crany store, a resident service building, or any fast shipping solution.

Warp is not only another interesting event, nor other fish or insects you can catch, they can also improve the quality of life and help speed up the game. Now that Nintendo is delivering warped pipes, I also hope to see the following five improvements. I still like this game, but Nintendo's overlord, can you cash out some of them in future updates? If I do this, I will try to minimize the number of sea bass complaining that I keep catching.

Players who want to add new villagers use Nook Miles tickets and then fly to a mysterious island from the airport on their island. But when they inevitably find a terrible villager, they can't just run on the plane and ask the pilot Wilbur to take them to another island. Instead, the Nook Miles Ticket player must first fly home, say goodbye to Wilbur, and then transfer to his brother Orville to fly to another island with a new plane.

For games, will it be difficult for Wilbur to provide the option of taking players directly to another NMT island? If he can accept Nook Miles selling player tools on the mysterious island, then he can definitely accept NMT, and then fly Soaring Pansy to another mysterious island.

Animal Crossing clothing store Able Sisters is run by two cute hedgehogs, Mabel and Sable. Players can enter the store fitting room to browse daily clothing options. However, every time a player finds a costume to buy, he must walk out of the fitting room, have a long conversation with Mabel, and then return. Therefore, if you want cute vintage dresses or Campy cat headscarves in all the colors offered, you may find yourself re-entering the fitting room six or more times.

Get tips from every Nintendo online store, let players stack the items they want to buy in the shopping cart, and then buy all the items without stopping and entering the fitting room, and forget the color items they have already purchased buy. If the game shows that you have purchased the clothing while still in the fitting room, that is also great.

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