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Watches Supplier tell you some strap a bout leather (pure animal skin), rubber and other materials:

1 Calfskin Leather made from the calf of calves within 6 months of birth. The texture is fine and soft to the touch. It is the most superior category of cowhide.

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2 Caiman leather Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus Take the leather from the underarms of the Caiman crocodile produced in Central and South America. It is the most commonly used material in advanced crocodile belts.

3 Mississippi Alligator Alligator Mississipinesis Leather taken from the abdomen of the Mississippi alligator in the southeastern United States. The most advanced of the crocodile skin. In the center of the abdomen's abdomen, part of the skin has a texture called a bamboo knot, and this part of a crocodile can only produce a few belts. Very valuable.

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4 Nile lizard Varanus Niloticus Leather made from the skin of the Nile River lizard. Through dyeing, you can express bright and beautiful colors. Is the raw material for making a beautiful watch strap

5 Jintaijiapi Tupinambis Teguixin is a very advanced type of lizard, made of leather from Taigako Jintaijia. The characteristic is that the abdomen has a change from a fine grain to a large grain, and the contrast is very strong.

6 Saddle Leather Calf was previously used as a sturdy calfskin for the saddle, hence the name. During the wearing process, it gradually becomes saccharide with daily wear and tear. It is a kind of leather with a rough style.

7 Rough leather Galuchat A skin made of squid skin, is a unique style of high-grade leather. It has a hard tissue like a stone, and it has to be wounded with a knife. Because of this, processing takes longer and higher technical requirements.

8 Mink Python mink is a general term for large snake leather with a gorgeous texture. It is characterized by a diamond-shaped snake scale road and is a high-grade reptile leather.

9 Ostrich skin Struthio Camelus Autruche Leather made from ostrich skin, characterized by feathered pores. It is a very strong leather that will become handy and shiny as you use it.

10 Shark Skin Shark Skin The skin made of shark's skin. It is known for its high durability in high-grade leather due to its softness and firmness. The feature is that the surface has fine mesh relief.

11 CORDURA is a fiber material produced by DuPont that is 7 times stronger than nylon. Often used in backpacks, outdoor products, etc.

12 LORICALORICA is an artificial leather with a leather look and made of very fine fibers. It is characterized by strong resistance to water and sweat.

13 DRY-LEXDRY-LEX is a 3-layer material. It has a bubble that circulates air. This material has good breathability, and the sweat can be volatilized through the strap to keep it cool.

14 Kevlar is a very high-strength fiber material developed by DuPont. Usually used as bulletproof, anti-blade and other purposes.

15 Buffalo Wild cow leather produced in the United States (called Buffalo Bison, a city in western New York, USA). The look and feel of the material is very textured, actually very soft and comfortable to wear.

16 Lamb Leather's soft, smooth sheep's endothelium (lamb) texture exudes an elegant glow of vanilla. They are more suitable for the wrist and are lighter in weight and have a relatively small color difference compared to other leathers.

17 Canvas Fabric Fabrics, fabrics, cotton and linen.

18 Nylon synthetic polyamide material with low moisture absorption.

19 Squid skin Perch freshwater fish squid skin is made of leather, another unique property, not only a single color, but also a good luster.

20 Denim Tsukawa materials, often made into small bags or purses. The denim material is familiar to everyone, and it feels like it is easy.

21 Pigskin Pig skin (pig leather), said to be the closest to human skin, is considered to be the mildest natural leather that feels comfortable with human skin.

22 Alcantara is an artificial leather with an endothelium feel. It is more breathable than natural leather. It is used in the seats of high-end cars and on the interior.

23 Rubber is a soft, smooth material that is very handy. Because rubber is completely waterproof, it is often used on diving and sports watches.

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